Projection welding: precise and robust welds

30 Aug 2023

CEMSA is renowned for its steadfast commitment to innovation, constantly exploring new solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

In the welding field, one of the specialized areas of expertise lies in projection welding, an advanced technique derived from spot welding.

The process of projection welding involves strategically raising small areas on the metals to be joined. By concentrating heat over the area, the softened projection collapses to form precise and robust welds. Projection welders are akin to presses, equipped with flat electrodes in place of spot welders.

CEMSA has developed different types of customizations to cater its projection welders to various applications across industries, from automotive to white goods. Solutions are tailor- made for different markets, empowering manufacturers to efficiently weld a wide range of components, such as automotive parts, pots or tank handles, etc.

Another key advantage of CEMSA’s welding machines lies in their exceptional repeatability cycle after cycle: the meticulous control of the tip squeeze and monitoring of secondary current ensure consistent and reliable welding results of the highest quality.

With a focus on continuous improvement, CEMSA strives to enhance productivity and elevate product quality in the welding industry. Whether embarking on a new welding project or seeking to upgrade the company’s capabilities, the experienced staff is ready to assist. Get in touch with CEMSA today and discover how projection welding solutions can drive success in your industry.

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