Resistance welding machine integrated with a rotating table, suitable for batch productions. Automatic feeders and 3 axis unloading robot can be add to the unit, to imporve the production rate.
Possibility to add vision systems for part detection, welding parameters storing into PC memory and OK/NOK parts control.

The concept of the machine is to leave the end user free to upgrade the welder in step. In fact this unit has been designed with 5 free station plus one automatic unloading station.
This allows the customers to implement by steps the automation on beard, following the production trend.

The welding unit is supplied with the last generation of Medium Frequency power package, with inverter. Additional cards, for current monitoring and stroke monitoring of the welding head, grant a total control of the welding process and allow the customer to certify the parts as required in the Automotive market, as well to create a deviation chart for a full production process control.