CEMSA produce for HVAC customers, the RVG SI SE seam welders. These machines are intended for the production of elbows for pipelines and fluid ducts, especially hot air, conditioned air, ventilation ducts etc.

Being the material always galvanised sheet, the continuous welding is executed through wheels working also as electrodes by means of a constant contact through a copper wire.

However, the novelty, started for the needs of American market, is represented by a very high flexibility: the new series allows welding elbows going from American 3” and European 80 mm up to 12” for American measures and 315 mm for the European.

The new mechanics pays particular attention to the frictions of the rotating system and to those of the copper wire path in order to obtain the right tension necessary for a good functioning.
Also for the copper wire, foreseen in Ø2mm for sheet having thickness between 0.5 and 0.8 mm and Ø 2.5 mm for sheet having thickness between 0.85 and 1.25 mm, it is foreseen a unique total path, working in sequence with the lower and with the upper wheel, obviously with a great saving of money.

The novelty is also related to the current feeding system that foresees a better efficiency of the generator, available also with Medium Frequency inverter. Furthermore, the secondary path is simplified and free from magnetizable masses, this also with a great advantage in the management economy.