Resistance welding robot, for spot or projection welding, with multi axis movements.
Available with different working areas and vertical strokes.

According to its technologic innovation schedule, Cemsa has brought into the market a new resistance welding machine series ROBOSIDE C.
This CNC controlled machine, by its basic solution and by its numerous variations, covers a wide range of utilizations, either for spot welding as for the projection welding process.

The machine is foreseen to be equipped also with a conventional electrical transformer, but normally an inverter Medium Frequency generator is fit, having a power from 50 to 350 kVA. The actuator, pneumatic or electric, can be chosen in the range of 120-3600 daN.
These features allow, even by means of efficient welding parameters control, to weld materials as steel and Alu alloys and alloys of many other special materials; thickness from 0.3+0.3 mm till 4.0+4.0 mm.

The machine, in projection welding mode, can also weld many tips, according to the chosen power, but can also work on grating products and mesh.
The working field, in standard models, can cover areas of 1500×6000 mm, allowing solutions with indexing rotating table or linear multi stations, with accuracy granted by the encoders of ± 0.01 mm.

The numerical control has a very easy software to be understood also by common operators, so that the machine can be programmed locally or by remote operation.