Cemsa present the CNC machine ROBOSEAM for the automatic welding of sinks and similar products.
Compared with the previous versions, this new one has been studied and designed for meeting a wider field of applications, even if the main application still remain the stainless steel sinks welding.
One of the most innovative features of this new ROBOSEAM is represented by its compactness, allowing, as important advantage for customers, lower transport costs all over the world.

This new machine, despite its compactness, can grant a working speed considerably higher than the one reached by previous models; it is characterized by a simplified programming in Windows environment, that allows, further to the standard welding operations on stainless steel sinks, also different applications for products requiring two-dimensional welding or welding on parallel planes.

Compactness, high productivity, simple programming, connectivity and reliability are the main features of this new series that Cemsa adds to all other models that have been already working in many countries for more than 20 years.