A new series of Electrical Upsetters has born, dedicated to those manufacturers who have to upset tubes/pipes mainly in drilling/perforation sectors, but not only.
This technique is made possible by a new design of the front of the existing model RIO 100 SC SP, where a special clamping system, new current carrier contacts and the “in dies” more powerful forging press, hold and move automatically the tubes.

The accuracy along the full process is guaranteed by a sophisticated, but easy-to-use, control system.
Special care is devoted to control and monitoring the heating progress and the forging speed in order to keep micro-structural grains within the international strict limits fixed for the related applications.

These new models can be equipped either with single phase or with three phase DC dedicated transformers, designed for continuous service.

Sizes of the tubes for “in-dies” upsetting will depend upon the relevant thickness. Productivity will be again depending on the solution chosen and will be confirmed on dedicated offers.