“In-die” horizontal electrical-upsetting machine. To upset bar diameters from 14mm to 40mm. Transformer 120kVA at continuous service.
The RIO 100 SC AUT is able to upset in close cylindrical die either at the edge or in the bar middle. Fully automatic loading/unloading. Upsetting parameters managed by the PLC with more than 100 recipes storable.

The RIO 100 SC AUT was born from the need of a foreign customer to make gears for submerged pumps, with the highest possible quality. The previous process involved starting from a full bar, having the diameter of the raw gear, then obtaining the finished product with its rotation shaft through numerous processes.

Thanks to the” In-die” Electro-upsetting and the technical support of CEMSA, now the customer, starting from a bar with a diameter of 30mm, can obtain a central enlargement till diameter of 70 approximately equivalent to the size of the gear, and then work it better in downstream machining operation. Productivity and autonomy are also an important aspect that CEMSA considered. Specifically, our company has developed an automation for loading and unloading, with a buffer of raw billets, a system of singularizations and two manipulators for loading the raw piece into the machine and unloading the finished product.

We summarize below some of the main features of the machine:
The RIO 100 SC AUT is an horizontal “In-die” electro-upsetting machine. Inside the bar gathering, diameters from ø14 to ø40mm. Power of the transformer in continuous service 120kVA.
The machine is able to carry out upsetting in a cylindrical mould, both at the head and inside the bar. Automatic loading and unloading. Parameter management from PLC with the possibility of recalling up to 100 recipes.