CEMSA, leader in resistance Welding, is proud to present the new version of machine MRT AP VENT & MRT AP NS.
The seam welders are very popular for welding segmented elbows, connectors, reducers, single or double wall Tees, for chimney but not only.

The main improvements compared to the old versions are:
• New welding heads with solid contacts, and reinforced bearings.
• Heads mercury free (interchangeable with the old one)
• New pneumatic actuators frictionless
• Dedicated set of arms and wheels for double Tee welding
• Direct drive motion
• New goose neck design for longer segments
• Dimensions covered from ø80mm up to ø650mm

These machines are designed for a low energy consumption, high flexibility and reliability in the years.
Special templates, elbows and connectors necessary to produce compact ducts with low flow resistance can find an easy solution in this machine, that can also be equipped with a series of straight or goose neck extensions for entering easily the ducts.

The machine is equipped with a single-phase transformer having great efficiency, that allows to perform most of the welding with a power of 25-30 KW for stainless steel having thickness also of 0.3-1.0 mm. Inverter generators are also available. Typical end users are the chimney pipes manufactures were the quality of welding is in strict connection with the aesthetic.