ER 125 DC SP

The electro-upsetting machine ER 125 DC-SP is the result of a long experience in the construction of machines studied for the production of studs, one, two or three, with a complete automatic procedure, on ornamental bars intended for gates, railings and grates. In this machine the thrusts on the two sides are generated by servo-motors.

In this way a perfect symmetry and a perfect repeatability can be reached. Possibility of working on round or square bars having indefinite length with diameter or side till 40 mm. The heating is obtained by rectified current.

The “in-die” electrical upsetting machines ER 125 DC SP that CEMSA designs and builds represent an interesting variant of the more commonly known machines for free upsetting. Thanks to special moulds made of non-magnetic and duly cooled materials, it is possible to obtain a shape very close to that of the finished product with considerable advantages.
In fact, let’s try to think how much material the customer can save if, instead of starting from a bar diameter 40 and working it all to bring it to a diameter of 30 except in some areas, he could start from a 30mm diameter bar and obtain a controlled increase in diameter only in the areas necessary to obtain his product.
This is possible thanks to the CEMSA electrical upsetting machines of the “SC” In-die series. The precision of the
CEMSA machines is able to reduce the tolerances on the moulded piece to about ± 1mm, guaranteeing shorter times in subsequent processing. Following the customer’s needs, we can direct him towards the solution that is most congenial to him, not simply by selling a machine but by providing a 360° consultancy, on how to solve his production problem.