New longitudinal stitch welder MRL

22 Apr 2021

CEMSA International is pleased to announce the successful delivery of the longitudinal stitch welder MRL 145F 1500 HD TOL, to an Italian company leader in the production of galvanized sheet ducts for suction and air-conditioning.

This machine will allow the production with the highest quality and reliability of ducts and pipes with a maximum length of 1500mm and diameter up to 900mm, thicknesses up to 1.3mm.
Thanks to the motorized holding tooling and the Z guide called “overlap device”, the operator, without having any pre-spot operation, is able to independently weld ducts with diameters that on any other machine would require the help of at least 2 operators.

The longitudinal stitch welder MRL, which is part of the Industry 4.0 family, projects the customer towards better management of the production activity.


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